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There is only One Truth. That Truth is the 'way it really is'. This embodiment of Truth came to give His life for us that we might live through Him and find the Truth ourselves. Jesus showed us the way things really are, the truth, and the life we are to lead.

No one comes to the Father by any other means. All who seek to enter heaven but do not face the honest to goodness truth, will not be successful in their endeavors.

Repentance can only truly occur when one faces the truth. Without repentance, no person will ever see God. For only the repentant heart that has been purified by truth can see God.

One cannot have unity/communion with the truth and with what is not true simultaneously. Therefore, to partake of the body (Truth) and blood (Essence of Truth) and assume that one can reject the truth that God has shown him personally in his own heart and instead choose to love and follow that which is not true, that person cannot unify with God and will continue to degrade both spiritually and physically.

Join us here at Bread & Wine Ministries where we seek Truth with a passion. For it is only the Truth that sets us free.
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"Walk in the Light and the Light will keep you from the dark. Walk in the dark the darkness will keep you from the light."
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